My Smart Toy Bear Review


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Anki Drive Expansion Car, Spektrix, Purple

Add Anki Drive Expansion Car, Spektrix, Purple with Chaos Pulse to your collection for a devilishly deceptive upgrade.  Anki DRIVE is a first-of- its-kind battle-racing game your whole family can...

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Anki DRIVE Expansion Car, Rho

Meet Anki Drive Expansion Car RHO.  RHO truly is the ultimate defender. When upgraded, his shields can withstand even the most intense barrage of enemy fire. Throw in a supercharged accelerator, and...

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WowWee MiP Robot RC Robot

MiP is an interactive balancing Robot with an inquisitive and responsive personality that is a wonderful toy that your children will love to play with.  Although it's not the cheapest toy, most...

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Anki DRIVE Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing Game

Get this Awesome real life robot battle racing game that uses real cars on a real track controlled by your iOS or Android device - just download the free Anki Drive App onto your device. In this...

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HEXBUG VEX Robotics Scarab

Kids love to build and control their own working robots and this robotic Scarab is just the job - a fun and intriguing robotics kit.   Hexabug make several different creations from spiders to...

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Rainbow Loom 2.0 Bands with Metal Hook

So here is the original Rainbow Loom 2.0 from Choon's Design. And how popular is this simple but intelligently made plastic loom that uses colorful rubber bands to create bracelets, charms and...

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Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles have absolutely wonderful feedback getting an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 on  They are a fantastic toy for children who seem never to tire of playing with them. Interestingly...

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Power Wheels Dune Racer Kids love cars or vehicles and are captivated by the idea of driving their own cars and taking them for rides. Although we cannot afford to let the kids drive the regular...

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Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Is there anyone who has not heard about the drones?  These unmanned aerial vehicles have been successfully used by the US and other countries to attack their enemies....

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If you are looking for a top Christmas gift then you should really consider the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507. The LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 is a complete set that contains the figures of all...

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